Welcome to Pharmacelsus - Your reliable CRO for in vitro ADME and in vivo pharmacokinetic services

Pharmacelsus provides the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with a range of high quality drug discovery and development solutions enabling them to make decisions at critical steps of the drug development process.

  • ADME & in vitro Pharmacology
  • Pharmacokinetics & in vivo Pharmacology
  • Bioanalytical Services - GLP/ GCLP
  • In vitro Toxicology & Compound Profiling
  • Target Based Bioassays
  • Regulatory Support

Pharmacelsus Service Portfolio

Pharmacelsus is your partner for GLP and non-GLP studies. The service portfolio encompasses in vitro and in vivo studies for preclinical drug discovery and development.

  • Discovery lead optimisation services / in vitro ADME characterization
  • Membrane transporter assays
  • Drug-drug interaction studies
  • In vivo pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics
  • Bioanalytical services (non-GLP)
  • Bioanalytical services (GLP, GCLP)
  • Dose formulation analytics
  • GLP method validation
  • Metabolite characterization
  • Target-based bioassays (endocrinology, diabetes)
  • In vitro services for target finding & biological profiling
  • Cytotoxicity testings (genotoxicity, immunotoxicity)
  • Customized Testing Services for Cosmetics and Dermaceuticals

All services are performed as non-GLP studies - FDA and EMA relevant GLP studies on request.

Pharmacelsus’ services stand out due to their high reputation!

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Lead Optimization - for optimal hit to lead development to advance your timeline in drug discovery.

Reliability - we have over 120 satisfied customers in pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, and academic organizations.

Individuality - custom tailored in vitro ADME/T and in vivo PK/PD services based on your specific needs.

Dedication and Personal Touch - our highly skilled scientists offer you their expertise for the design of experimental strategies and to discuss results with you.

Quality – optional QA reviews also for non GLP studies.

Security and Continuity – all of your data can be securely stored on our secure web space, giving you and upcoming colleagues a continuous overview of all data generated at Pharmacelsus.

Guidelines - our services comply with regulatory guidelines of FDA, EMA, ICH and MHLW.


Individual & personal, reliable and dedicated - this is Pharmacelsus!