Research & Development Projects

Pharmacelsus is committed to participating in domestic and European research projects to improve its service portfolio.


Participation in R&D projects

The aim of the joint projects is the research and development of innovative drug candidates in collaboration with academic and/or industrial partners.

In addition, the company focuses its R&D activities on innovative methods that are supposed to be commercialized in order to make them available to Pharmacelsus' customers.

During the last several years, Pharmacelsus was able to improve its portfolio in this creative and innovative way. Thus, R&D at Pharmacelsus is considered as a basis of future innovation and will provide the company with sustainability.

Currently, Pharmacelsus is a partner in the follwing EU and BMBF-granted projects with cooperation partners from many different countries.


Pharmacelsus as Partner

If you are interested in having Pharmacelsus as competent partner for your research project, please feel free to get in contact with us.