Indication Specific Assays - Endocrinology, Liver Fibrosis & Metabolic Syndrome

Pharmacelsus offers the development and performance of target based bioassays on potency, efficacy and selectivity in vitro as well as in vivo.


Endocrinology, Liver Fibrosis & Metabolic Syndrome

Pharmacelsus has a proven track record on conducting in vitro and in vivo studies on potency, selectivity and efficacy on several indications

Endocrinology, Diabetes, Obesity

Steroid endocrinology

  • aromatase (CYP19) inhibitors (PDF)
  • 5? - reductase inhibitors (type I and type II) (PDF).
  • LHRH (GnRH) a(nta)gonists (PDF)
  • CYP 17 inhibitors (PDF)
  • CYP11B1 and CYP11B2 inhibition 

Liver fibrosis

  • Bile duct ligation in rats 
Endocrinology, Diabetes, Obesity

Diabetes type II

  • GLP-1 receptor assay
  • Glucose tolerance test in rats


  • Food intake/weight gain rat

Tumor growth

  • Mouse xenograft model

Histamine release

  • Rat mastocytes in vitro

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Bioassays in vitro & in vivo

In vitro assays are performed depending on the demands of our clients. Pharmacelsus offers cell-based assays using engineered cells or primary cell cultures. If required, ex vivo assays are performed after preparation of tissue fragments or isolation of cells from target tissues in order to identify compounds showing the desired effect.

Pharmacelsus' in-house facilities for animal experimentation allow the realisation of in vivo experiments on preclinical species like mouse and rat. Thus, several in vivo models have been established and characterized for a variety of endocrinological and metabolic diseases, being evaluated and performed in accordance with animal welfare legislation.

For individual research projects, Pharmacelsus develops and validates tailor-made in vitro and in vivo assays. In addition, Pharmacelsus also attaches greatest importance to support the clients in their research projects. Practically this means that each study will be designed individually according to the individual needs.